Retro Christmas

17 Dec

In the era of the great GFC it feels a little wrong to indulge in the consumerist Christmas of the noughties. When people are losing their jobs, houses and sanity it seemed appropriate to celebrate Christmas frugally.

How boring I hear you exclaim! God, who’s the Grinch someone else asks? Well, I said frugally, not ugly! I figured setting a limit meant my imagination was flexed, not my credit card.

So going all retro housewives, my girlfriend organised a Christmas Cook-off. Homemade shortbread and chocolate truffles from recipes handed down from her great-grandmother. I picture Great-grandma as a domestic goddess of her time and it seems poetic that she was probably making these for her family during the last GFC.

Previously allergic to cooking, I would definitely recommend the Cook-off; just make sure there’s great girls and lots of bubbles! As the day progressed we realised a 35 degree day isn’t ideal for making chocolates. Nor is consuming numerous bottles of champagne as motor skills are rendered useless, making it difficult to cut apart all the melted truffles!

Well, at least my family will have a gift made with love that tastes damn good, even if it does leave a little to be desired in the looks department. Oh, and since I had to “taste” some of the truffles, I still had to flex the plastic to replace the eaten gifts!


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