Front Page Possey

10 Nov


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I have to brag again – Felix & Mabel made the front page of Melbourne’s Moreland Leader newspaper.

Another great photo and a good article to boot. Looks like Kim Spirdonoff is becoming the go-to expert for all things sustainable fashion.

The article talks about Kim’s role as mentor to a group of fashion students at RMIT. The students were asked to imagine themselves as Felix & Mabel’s creative director and design a Spring Summer range. This included idea development and sourcing sustainable fabrics to create their collection.

“It’s harder than it may look” said designer Kim. “Sourcing sustainable fabrics in Australia is difficult but consumers are beginning to demand it so we do a lot of research into our processes and suppliers.”

Felix & Mabel is designed with the environment in mind, using only natural and sustainable fabrics. Everything is produced locally to reduce their carbon footprint.

Even some prints used by the label are screen printed by hand in a carbon neutral process using eco-friendly inks onto sustainable fabrics (like the Lotus dress).

“The students did a great job researching  their  fabric suppliers and also gave a lot of thought to designing for longevity to make the garments more sustainable. This is so important as our customers demand a garment that is classic enough to become a wardrobe staple for seasons to come. They just don’t want fast fashion” said Kim.

 The students ideas are up for grabs by Felix & Mabel and will be paid a fee if Kim decides to use any of their ideas in the future.

“One girl had a fantastic idea for using waste fabric to make pretty embellishments. That is something we would definitely consider as it benefits our eco-credentials and the design of our garments.” Kim said.

Even Felix & Mabel have difficulty sometimes making the brand entirely sustainable. So when sustainable fabrics are not available, Felix & Mabel uses luxurious silk as it has a lower environmental impact than most fabrics and is biodegradable.

Kim pays attention to details that make the brand environmentally responsible by printing swing tickets on recycled paper using low impact inks.

 “For next season (Autumn Winter 2011) we have actually designed a fabric of our own that will be digitally printed as this uses less dye and energy than traditional printing and no dye ends up in our waterways” said Kim.


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