Finding that Niche

18 Oct

Adelaide Personal Trainer Rachael McCormack, Rachel Mcormack, Rach Mccormack Rachael Mcormack

From carrot sticks to circuit classes, this week I need to talk about my personal trainer.

She’s another business woman who has identified a niche market and totally tailored her business to it. Rachael McCormack only trains people between 8am and 6pm which is exactly the opposite of most trainers who work the hours the rest of us don’t. How does she do this? She only targets stay at home mums. Of course other people with flexible working hours use her too, like me, but the majority are mums who bring their kids along to training.

Because Rach knows most of this market aren’t working she’s worked out a pricing structure that shares the costs across a group. It’s only $13 for an hour session!

But with such a limited operating budget Rachel needs to be really smart about how she markets her business. Facebook is perfect for marketing Rachael’s Personal Training for a few reasons:

• It reaches busy mums who keep in contact with their friends here more than offline

• People trust their friends who recommend Rachael’s page

• It means Rachael can network with fans and their friends virtually when it suits her

• Rachael can “push” information to her fans

• This information then has a viral element. When people comment on it, the info appears on their news feeds for their friends to view

• It pushes lots of traffic to her website

• In turn this improves her search engine rankings

• Best of all, it’s free

This all works as long as Rachael’s Personal Training page is engaging and real. To achieve this she uses real photos of her classes and fitness tips that work for busy mums. Check it out at Rachael’s Personal Training Facebook Page.


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