Trend Spotters

4 Oct

MasterChef Fun Food Focus Proven Marketing

Last week I talked about my everlasting love for Masterchef. Well, a strange thing happened this week… I got a new client who stages Masterchef style events.

Weird huh? Some people call it coincidence and others fate. My old business coach used to call it the “reticular activation system”; a part of your brain that notices things you’re tuned into.

Whatever the reason, I’m glad they’re my client now! They have a huge opportunity to leverage a really popular trend at the moment.

People love Masterchef and this client of mine, Fun.Food.Focus, gives people the opportunity to be a Masterchef for a day. They teach you how to create a Thai banquet, Moroccan feast or the most amazing chocolate confections.

I’m quite jealous. I’d really like to do it, but not working for a big corporate anymore I don’t get to do those things. Maybe I’ll just have to do it as a birthday party!

Discovering new clients like this always excites me that people have found a new market niche, especially when it ties into the zeitgeist so well. Plus it makes life so much more interesting to market a product or service that truly offers something different and interesting to consumers.

They’ve also tapped into the Junior Masterchef trend with kids’ birthday parties and school holiday events. I think this is such a brilliant idea, as it teaches kids about healthy foods and how to prepare them. I know some media outlets (bitter Channel 7’s Today Tonight for one) diss Junior Masterchef for teaching kids to use too much butter and fat, but at least it’s fresh and unprocessed.


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