The Masterchef Juggernaut

28 Sep

Proven Marketing Princess discusses the marketing and advertising genius behind Masterchef Australia's advertising partnerships.

As the good ship Masterchef sails into its second spin off series I have to pause and salute the programming and ad execs at Network 10.

I watched the original show in the UK and was adamant when I came back to Australia that I wouldn’t get sucked into this new, slick, Masterchef on steroids. But as time went by and Sunday night TV offered little else I found myself flicking over every now and then.

I am now a full blown Masterchef addict. I watch (and tape) every episode, download recipes and often shop at Coles to pick up the recipe cards with their handy shopping list.

I’m usually a loyal Foodland shopper, as I like to support local businesses, but the lure of Curtis and his Masterchef recipes means I step into the bright fluros of Coles at least once a week now.

And I have to thank Masterchef for making me realise I’d never be a culinary master without a food processor. What sort do you think I got? Uh huh, a Sunbeam, the show’s official appliance provider.

Yup, not only do I love the show, the advertising is working on me. And there is a lot of it. Not just in the breaks.

There are 92 program partners listed on the website this season. And while some of the product placement is shamelessly commercial, it doesn’t spoil the watchability of the show.

Other media outlets could take notice of this kind of client integration – relevant, seamless and convincing. Some marketeers talk about “integration” where they really just mean “sponsorship”.  Just because an advertising credit is squished into or near a real program does not make it integrated.

Consumers are too educated to believe these pseudo-integrations are endorsements from the program. They just become noise, a repetition of a sponsor’s name which may or may not stick in the viewer’s mind. But with something like Masterchef it is believable the contestants use Coles because they’re the most convenient supermarket. Or like I did, discover they use Sunbeam because they’re the best food processors.

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