Amorette, Press Darling

16 Feb

A few cuttings from Jan/Feb’s press for Amorette.

Favourite feature? I can’t decide between music superstar Jessica Mauboy in Amorette or the HOT Amorette leather skirt featured in OK!


Amorette As Seen On TV

16 Feb

One of my gorgeous friends, a stay at home mum who puts Nigella Lawson to shame, spotted this one the other day….spunky Yumi Stynes from The Circle wearing Amorette.

Proven Marketing fashion agent south australia amorette

It prompted me to go back through the archives…here’s another recent sartorial stunner from Stynes:

proven marketing adelaide fashion agent

Purple Ginger Winter, Red Hot

16 Feb

We’ve just taken over the representation of boutique favourite, Purple Ginger and are loving that the label gets so much press attention!

Here’s a taste of Jan/Feb….


17 Jan

Proven marketing fashion agent adelaide naomi levi handbags pr expsoure

I love to shop…who doesn’t? And after a busy and expensive Christmas followed by fruitful post-xmas sales I thought I was all over shopping. Turns out I have more shopping stamina than I realised and the thoughtful team at Shop til you Drop have definitely fuelled the fire with their Under $100 issue.

Seriously, every single thing in the magazine is under a hundred bucks. I didn’t know you could get a blazer for a two figure sum. I did worry about the quality, but one of my labels, Naomi Levi made the issue with a gorgeous wine coloured eel skin clutch. Now I’ve felt those bags and I know they’re great quality and construction so I think I’m going to give the peach blazer a chance!

By the way, Happy New Year peeps. Hope you had a good one.


Proven Marketing Public relations, fashion agency adelaide

Retro Christmas

17 Dec

In the era of the great GFC it feels a little wrong to indulge in the consumerist Christmas of the noughties. When people are losing their jobs, houses and sanity it seemed appropriate to celebrate Christmas frugally.

How boring I hear you exclaim! God, who’s the Grinch someone else asks? Well, I said frugally, not ugly! I figured setting a limit meant my imagination was flexed, not my credit card.

So going all retro housewives, my girlfriend organised a Christmas Cook-off. Homemade shortbread and chocolate truffles from recipes handed down from her great-grandmother. I picture Great-grandma as a domestic goddess of her time and it seems poetic that she was probably making these for her family during the last GFC.

Previously allergic to cooking, I would definitely recommend the Cook-off; just make sure there’s great girls and lots of bubbles! As the day progressed we realised a 35 degree day isn’t ideal for making chocolates. Nor is consuming numerous bottles of champagne as motor skills are rendered useless, making it difficult to cut apart all the melted truffles!

Well, at least my family will have a gift made with love that tastes damn good, even if it does leave a little to be desired in the looks department. Oh, and since I had to “taste” some of the truffles, I still had to flex the plastic to replace the eaten gifts!

Marie Claire Marvelous

6 Dec

Fashion marketing with Proven Marketing Felix & Mabel

She’s done it again – the fabulous Kim Spirdonoff of Felix & Mabel has made a splash in  a major magazine. Marie Claire featured the eco-luxe label in its January 2011 edition with a glowing report, “We’re lusting after eco-luxe label Felix & Mabel thanks to its commitment to style and sustainability. The flirty, feminine and limited-edition spring/summer 2010/2011 collection made from natural and sustainable fabrics is in store now. Shown here: Lotus Dress, $254. Visit”

We love you Marie Claire.

xx PMP

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Eco-luxe fashion felix & mabel marketing by Proven Marketing Adelaide

Beautiful. Really?

22 Nov

Proven marketing princess fashion marketing adelaide Just As Beautiful magazine for curvy women

I came across a magazine from the UK the other day. It’s called Just As Beautiful and touts itself as “The UK’s No1 lifestyle magazine for curvy women”. I could be wrong, but I’m guessing it’s the UK’s only lifestyle magazine dedicated to curvy women. And trust me, with a publication like this, being the only one is the only way to be number one.

That might sound harsh, but feel free to spend 5 minutes looking through the site before you pass judgement on my harsh judgement.

Now you see what I mean. And the prize for worst graphic designer 1993 goes to….the guy they employed to do their layout! Even the colours on their first printed edition are putrid. Pale blue and light pink, the sort of palette I would have loved when I was 12 (yes, back when it actually was 1993).

From what I can see of the fashion shoots, they’re badly staged and the styling is heinous. Honestly it’s so bad I can’t even be bothered to criticise it any more.

By now you might be thinking, “What is this bitch’s problem? Skipped her carrot stick for lunch today?” My problem is not the curvy women, who I’m sure are beautiful, healthy and sexy in the flesh. It’s the publishers that irk me. How is any woman supposed to look stunning in her grandmother’s hand-me down pre-war knickers with her hair piled up like princess Leia and a hideous matching choker?

But more irksome than the tatty styling and design is the idea that the crème de la crème of curvy women can only be “just” as beautiful as their skinny sisters. Not “More Beautiful”, not just “Beautiful”, but “Just As Beautiful”. It’s so transparent that this mob is playing on the insecurities of curvy women to sell their magazine. It’s like telling them they’re too fat to read Vogue so they’d better embrace this patronising big girls’ mag. And while I know a lot of curvy women would not fit into the pin-thin designer duds in Vogue, very few “average” readers can actually afford them either. But that’s what beautiful magazines are about – fantasy and inspiration. Imagining yourself in the amazing outfits and then getting real and using the ideas in a way that translates into your life and budget.

I can’t think of one woman I know who aspires to wearing a cream polkadot twinset with a black polkadot skirt. Just as beautiful? I don’t think so.